Enabling Innovation
for Product, Planet & People

K3lab is an innovative company for sustainable product development.
It was founded to boost the development of products for a fairer, more sustainable world.

Our Product & Services



All-in-one sorting station for packaging waste. Autonomous, Standardized, Connected


Product Development

Product design and prototyping, physics-based simulations, project management, Standards and Certifications


Innovation Consultancy

Innovation strategy and process, Training and Workshops, Innovation Projects


Sustainable Consultancy

Sustainability strategy, Lifecycle approach in product development and manufacturing, Training and Workshops

Our Company
  • K for "kyklos" or "cycle", the fundament of sustainable development:Thinking in Lifecycles, Cradle-to-Cradle in a holistic perspective
  • 3 for the three dimensions of sustainability, the economical, environmental and societal that offer powerful synergies for innovative products, services and business models
  • Lab for the character of the company, creative, agile, working with best state-of-the-art technologies to deliver value.
Our Mission
K3lab as an innovation company aims to:
  • Provide accessibility to state-of-the-art technologies
  • Improve acceptance for environmental protection and sustainable economy
  • Focus on decentralized, networked solutions, able to operate in different contexts
  • Education and awareness raising among stakeholders and empowerment of local communities

Meet the Team

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" - Aristotle


DI Sara Carniello,

Founder, CEO

  • Highly experienced Team Manager
  • Expert in Semiconductor Technology & Product Development
  • R&D projects and funding

DI David Martinez Llanos,

Co-Founder, CTO

  • Senior R&D Mgr and CTO
  • Product Development and Ramp-Up in automotive and medical
  • Former Entrepreneur

Savina Partheni
BSc, MSc

Environmental Services

  • Environmental science studies
    (Waste Management Treatment Plants, Hydro-meteorological Hazards Management)
  • Approach NGOs and public stakeholders
  • Sustainability and Public Authorities Experience

Latest News & Updates

12.04.2021: t-matix and k3lab announce a partnership for machine control

K3lab commissioned t-matix as IoT experts to collect data from the sorting machine. Data such as filling level, machine activity and status , service intervals and much more are visualized in the t-matix IoT platform and made available for analysis.This allows, for example, efficient emptying of the machine as well as quick actions in case of possible malfunctions. We are happy about the success so farand look forward to further cooperation!
Read more:[here]

18.11.2020: Recy & DepoTech virtual event

K3lab was invited to present their innovative re-cube at the Recy & Depotech Conference as one of the “Top of Circular Start-ups” in Europe. The event is one of the most important European conferences in the area of waste management and K3lab was able to present their innovation to hundreds of attendants from industry and academy. We are proud for our participation!

28.10.2020: Award for K3lab!

k3lab was awarded as a "Best Tech Startup 2020” by IDC Spain for linking smart technologies, innovation and sustainability!
A huge thanks to the team and the many advisors and supporters!

09.09.2020: FFG grants k3lab fundings for an innovation project

The project, part of the Impact Innovation program, will investigate the value chain of packaging recycling in 3 European countries (Italy, Greece, Croatia), to understand how to increase the committment of citizens and thus the recycling rate. The study will be done in cooperation with students of the Institute of FH Joanneum.

29.07.2020: k3lab OG is founded, after one year of preparation work

After many months of preparation work the company was born. Many thanks to Science Park Graz and WKO Gründerservice for their valuable support!

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