ReCube to Reshape Circularity

The Problem

Today we produce globally 800 mil tons of packaging waste every year. We all have in front of our eyes what it means for the environment, the health and the quality of life, the incredible waste of resources that we dispose after using them only few weeks, or even days. Still, we manage to recycle only 17 % of it worldwide. The reasons are manyfold, but one thing is sure: if you cannot recover the packaging, the recycling loop cannot even start. Waste recovery has a huge leverage effect on the recycling overall, that’s why we at k3lab decided to find new solutions for that.

The Solution

Re-cube is an all-in-one recovery station able to process on-site commingled packaging waste into homogeneous material fractions, ready to be shipped as recycling material, enabling any community to increase the recycling rate in a fast and cost-effective way, no matter what are the local know-how, the infrastructure or the waste system.
Re-cube comes with all necessary hardware, software and legal documentation we are also happy to support the integration in the local value chains and environmental education with customized projects.


Re-Cube operator

  • Increase recycling rate
    in a fast and cost-effective way
  • Keep collection rules
  • Optimize waste management
    costs, increase recycling-related
  • Obtain statistics and
    forecasts on waste management

Re-Cube user

  • Clear and simple collection rules
  • Fair waste fees, related to real habits
  • Connection to recycling,transparency
  • Flexible waste collection,related to real production

Material buyer

  • High quality recycling material
  • Notification when material is ready for collection
  • Forecasts on material supply
  • Connection of new regions/segments to recycling markets

The impact

Waste impacts our environment and quality of life manifoldly. If mismanaged, waste contaminates air, water, soil, poses health and environmental risks, degrades areas and impair quality of life. Proper waste management can minimize these consequences, but it does not come from free: it means treatment plants, trucks, ground storage and final disposal. Enabling waste recovery with re-cube leads fast to cleaner cities without the need of impacting big plants (SDG11), fosters industry, innovation and infrastructure making state-of-the-art technologies accessible (SDG9), and ultimately leads to more responsible consumption, thanks to greater awareness and high quality recycling materials (SDG 12).
Waste management is a complex system that involves many actors: we evaluate every use case with a life-cycle perspective, to make sure that the overall environmental and economic impact are really minimized.